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Bevel Emboss Texture


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Adobe Photoshop is one of my most used art tools. In order to do anything with
printing alternative surfaces, my image must be printed. If my work flow was to print
an image say an original photograph—my job would include the following. Open the
image in Photoshop, color correct if needed, resize the image based on the surface
size—then using the Photoshop print process—
print on the selected surface.

For me—it isn’t quite that cut and dry. In using a photograph for printing the surfaces
created in my studio, my choice is to bring out texture and other hidden facets from
any image. For this workshop you will get an idea of one of the ways my images are
transformed before printing. This workshop will be a process workshop. I will give
you food for thought and then you will use your images and play with the techniques
to create what works for you. Along the way you will discover how you want to


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