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Image Transfer Workshops with Transferiez on KathyAnne Art

sensational images with Transferiez™ copy

Image transfers with Transferiez by inkAID is an amazing way to transfer a digital image to a multitude of surfaces that are impossible to print.

My first workshop featuring  Transferiez — Sensational Images with Transferiez includes a PDF with supply information and all the basic instructions— plus a video for you to view the entire process on an assortment of surfaces.

This workshop will give you the basic information you need to be successful with image transfers using Transferiez™. Usually my work starts with a digital printed image on some type of alternative surface. Anything that will fit safely through my Epson 7890 or my Epson R3000 is game for my printing. Transfer processes have just not interested me until now. I have been working with the Transferiez™ product with a large variety of substrates and am delighted with the results being produced. When a product can transfer to surfaces like burlap and blend with the fibers, that gets my attention.

Purchase this workshop for 9.95 at this url

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