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Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces: the definitive source the EBOOK


This book is available now in an pdf ebook for $35.00
A hard cover or soft cover print book is also available on Blurb here.

Welcome to my world of digital printing on alternative surfaces!

The processes I have included in this book have been worked on for a multitude of years with thousands of experimental prints.. Trial and error are a factor in my process as well as some lucky mistakes. What ifs are present daily in my studio and my solutions to that are here for you. I encourage you to take the processes that draw you in and work with them enough to develop your own artwork.

My focus has been to relay as much information as possible to make your work with alternative surfaces easier. I’ve done the groundwork—now you can realize the benefits. These pages read similar to a studio journal as I walk you through my methods. My purpose here was to do the best job possible for your enjoyment, imagination, and finally your successful outcome.

Reader Comment

“KathyAnne White has been digital printing alternative surfaces for over ten years. Her fearless exploring and consistent asking “what if”—has led her to an amazing treasure trove of ideas for creating and printing alternative surfaces. White’s new book “Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces: THE DEFINITIVE SOURCE” is a culmination of her thorough process.”

“White’s Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces book is akin to being in her studio as KathyAnne walks you through her information. Over 260 images pave the way through the instsructios throughout the chapters. From —Starting Out & Some of the Basics—through—The Print Process—Paper—Fabric—Recycleds—Metals—Amate Paper Process and more: the journey is incredible.”

Navigating the digital version of Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces

How you navigate around this digital book will depend on the device you are viewing it on. If you are using Adobe Reader on a Mac or PC computer, navigate as you normally would, using the Up and Down Arrow keys, or the onscreen keys in the application’s toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the built-in navigation, described below.

This digital version of the book includes an interactive Table of Contents. Clicking or tapping on the desired topic—or the page number—will bring you directly to that page. In addition, pages following the Table of Contents have navigation buttons along the bottom center. The arrow keys will move you backwards and forwards through the book. The three horizontal lines in the center will bring you back to the Table of Contents page.

Keep in mind, if you are viewing this book on a tablet, smartphone, or other touch device, some interactive features won’t work with specific apps. In those cases, swiping left and right through the pages will still allow you to navigate through the book. Some apps have a built-in Table of Contents feature, which will allow you to navigate that way. The GoodReader app honors all of the interactivity included, while the Adobe Reader mobile app does not.

Lastly, please note that this digital version is presented in spreads, meaning you will view two pages side-by-side. If you manually enter a page number to jump to, keep in mind that each of these spreads represents two pages, so enter the number accordingly.

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