Steel Sculpture-Digital Image Transfers
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Digital Image Transfers in 3D Places

When working on my sculpture I love to add my original digital images to spaces and places on the surfaces. Using an image transfer medium makes this possible. When cutting, forming, welding and cleaning the metal there is no possibility to have printed a digital image on the surface during that process. So—I use a product by inkAID called Transferiez to enhance my surfaces with digital image transfers.

Steel Sculpture-Digital Image Transfers

Steel Sculpture with digital image transfers and added textures

Digital Image Transfer-Aluminum Sculpture

Aluminum Sculpture-digital image transfer, copper and wire elements

For some printing on alternative surfaces is an investment in new printers and many other supporting tools. When I work on my sculpture it is impossible to print on formed and thick surfaces. For those types of surfaces an image transfer is what works.

Recently I wrote an article for the Artsy Shark Blog on Enlivening your Art Surfaces with Digital Image Transfers.(Post date October 20,2015) While writing I composed a list of my youtube, tutorials on this site and my Skillshare classes on Transferiez.  I have enclosed the complete list here. Using Transferiez an Image Transfer Medium from inkAID is one of the best ways to add digital images to your artwork.

Youtube Videos on Transferiez

Transferiez and Brass Excerpt

Transferiez and Canvas

Glimpse of Beverage Can Transfer

Image Tranfers with Transferiez

Enliven your Images with Digital Image Transfers

My Skillshare Classes on Transferiez

Digital Image Transfers to Objects and Spaces

Create Impressive Image Transfers from your Photographs

Transferiez Tutorials on this Site

Sensational Surfaces with Transferiez

More Exploration with Transferiez

Digital Transfers in 3D Spaces

I've been teaching Digital Printing on Alternative Surfaces for years and still print all the time. My book Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces:the definitive source is now available in print as well a pdf ebook version. And now it's wonderful to have the addition of Transferiez for my process.

Visit my KathyAnne White site to see more of my artwork.

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