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White’s workshops focus on innovative strategies for digital printing alternative surfaces. She inspires students to create quality digital prints on alternative surfaces for their artwork. Through the KathyAnne Art and the KathyAnne White websites, White creates workshops and tutorials so others are able to learn and expand their techniques through the expanded digital print process. KathyAnne’s book “Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces: the definitive source” is available for purchase on Blurb.com

“My journey with art currently flows to working with varying types of metal—from sixteen gauge steel to 28 gauge wire. It’s quite a span of materials —rigid to soft—inflexible to flexible. This mix of elements challenges me and ignites my creativity. The experience I’ve formed with digital printing alternative surfaces brought the endless possibilities of marking metals with image transfers. I am constantly in an amazing world of discovery.”

Building textures surrounds my work. In everything I do from fine art with digital printing alternative surfaces to the journals and sketchbooks I love to play with. Most everything is constructed paying attention to texture. The textural influence comes from nature and the stunning surroundings present in nature’s environs. More and more lately I find myself finding my way between different worlds of creation with mixed elements in all of the work I envision. My blogs contain life expressions of me. They can be literal or figurative and continue to be expressed in many ways. I invite you in to see what goes on in my studio, as I find my way between my artistic endeavors. Always appreciating whatever mode I am in at the moment. ~ Kathyanne White

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Museum of Arts & Design, New York

American Folk Art Museum, New York, New York

Archives of American Art Smithsonian Institution