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Latest Works


The background for my career as an artist started with fabric. This led me to carry the art from using fabric as a medium to creating and altering that medium ...

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Digital Prints on Alternative Surfaces

Just about any surface that glides into your direct pass through printer is a candidate for me to print. There are precoats to use and ways to prepare and print ...

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Listed, described and available here is a collection of my PDF, print and ebooks. Any PDF versions are available (after purchase) for immediate download ...

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iPhone Images

There is no end to the apps available for iPhone image manipulation. The photographs have been taken on my iPhone, but are manipulated on my iPad ...

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Extreme Texture

Texture is created in a variety of ways—in the actual image file with digital manipulation—in the surface that is prepared for the print—on the surface ...

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My expertise in the world of digital printing alternative surfaces allows me to consult with artists on all phases of their own projects and problem solving ...

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